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Your Trusted Loan Connection in North Carolina

North Carolina offers a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and economic opportunities.

Despite its vibrant economy, NC citizens may still need help with financial emergencies. This is where installment loans can come in handy.

Keep reading to learn how installment loans in NC work and the laws concerning them.

Installment Loans Clarified

An installment loan is a personal loan that borrowers repay through individual payments over a predetermined loan term.

This category includes other loan types, like payday loans and other small loans designed to meet immediate financial needs.

Installment loans often have more lenient requirements, making them an appealing alternative for applicants with poor credit.

Lenders may not perform a credit check on borrowers, making these loans accessible regardless of the borrowers' financial situation.

What to Bring for a North Carolina Installment Loan

When applying for an installment loan in North Carolina, you will need to prepare the following documents:

NOTE: Apart from the above, borrowers typically must be at least 18 years of age.

What Is the Max Amount You Can Get From an Installment Loan

Borrowers can usually borrow up to $5,000, but the maximum amount is subject to approval, depending on the lender.

Annual Percentage Rate of North Carolina Installment Loans

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the true cost of borrowing, encompassing both the interest rate and any origination fees associated with the loan over its term.

In North Carolina, for a $2,000 loan with a two-year duration, the APR is capped at 35%.

Is Getting an Installment Loan With Bad Credit Possible

Yes, it is possible to get installment loans with bad credit. Lenders typically consider a borrower's capacity to repay over their credit score.

Get an Installment Loan With Our Third-Party Lenders

We can help potential borrowers begin the inquiry process. Just fill out our online inquiry form so we can connect them to our network of third-party lenders.

A lender will contact you after pre-approval and assist you throughout the process.

Installment Loans in North Carolina Briefly Explained

The borrowing process for installment loans in North Carolina involves the following key steps:

  1. The applicant submits a request for funding online.
  2. Lenders evaluate the application based on the information provided.
  3. Upon pre-approval, the borrower receives a loan agreement detailing the terms, including interest rates, which they must sign before receiving the funds.
  4. The loan amount is deposited directly into the borrower’s account, often on the same day.
  5. Borrowers must adhere to the agreed repayment schedule until their loan is fully repaid.

North Carolina Installment Loans Laws

North Carolina regulates installment loans under Chapter 53, Article 15 of its General Statutes. This legislation includes provisions designed to protect consumers.

It sets requirements for licensure, loan terms, interest rates, and the responsibilities of lenders to ensure fair and transparent lending practices in the state.

The North Carolina Office of the Commissioner of Banks (NCCOB) plays a crucial role in providing guidance and clarity on the regulatory framework for both lenders and borrowers regarding loans in North Carolina.

This includes overseeing online loans and ensuring that financial aid provided by many lenders complies with North Carolina law. The NCCOB's guidance helps maintain a balanced lending environment where the interests of both parties are protected.


Get easier access to personal loans in North Carolina today by filling out our inquiry form. We'll help you get in touch with third-party lenders for a quick and secure way to access cash.


Read here for more info regarding installment loans.

How to Calculate Installment Loans?

You can calculate your installment loans by factoring in the principal, interest rate, loan term, payment schedule, and additional fees.

You can refer to your APR and principal loan amount to calculate the exact amount.

How to Get Installment Loans?

You can get installment loans online quickly since many lenders offer installment loans online.

Simply fill out our inquiry form to start the process.

How Do Installment Loans Affect Credit?

Making regular payments on installment loans can help improve your credit score. However, defaulting on a loan may lower your score.

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