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Various Loan Options in Maryland

Maryland is known as "America in Miniature" and is home to over 6 million residents.

However, some Maryland residents may need financial help to cover emergencies. These residents can turn to installment loans.

Before starting the inquiry process, learn about the legislation and requirements of Maryland installment loans.

What Is an Installment Loan

Installment loans are flexible loans that can be used for almost any expense and are straightforward to secure.

On top of that, details like the loan amount and term can also be adjusted depending on a borrower's ability to pay.

The lending criteria are typically lenient, so you can get long- or short-term loans easier.

Common types of installment loans include:

Requirements for a Maryland Installment Loan

Before looking for a lender, ensure you prepare or meet the following requirements:

Installment Loans in Maryland Briefly Defined

The following sections further discuss Maryland installment loans.

Maximum Amount You Can Get From Maryland Installment Loans

You can secure a maximum of $5,000 from installment loans in Maryland.

Maryland Installment Loan Interest Rates

Installment loans in Maryland normally have interest rates between 5.99% and 35.99% APR.

Can You Get an Installment Loan With Bad Credit

Yes, Maryland residents can take out bad credit loans.

These types of loans in Maryland are easy to apply to since the verification process is less strict.

How to Get an Installment Loan With Our Third-Party Lenders

Maryland residents can fill out our inquiry form, and we will connect them to the right lenders. When a lender accepts your request, they will reach out to you directly.

Installment Loan Laws in Maryland

Maryland has specific laws concerning interest rates on loans. Interest rates will change according to the loan amount, as follows:

After loans are fully repaid, lenders should either indelibly mark any evidence of obligation with "paid" or "canceled" or provide a written statement to the borrower that states the loan has been completely repaid.


You can get installment loans in Maryland from our third-party lenders. After a smooth application process, you can get your funds within 1-2 business days.

Start the process with us. Fill out our inquiry form and wait for a loan offer from our third-party lenders.


Maryland borrowers can read these quick questions for more information about installment loans.

What Are Signature Installment Loans?

Signature loans (also called "good faith loans" or "character loans") are unsecured personal loans. These loans typically require a borrower's signature.
Lenders may also require a co-signer they can call upon if the original borrower defaults. But in most cases, a lender will normally look for good credit scores and sufficient income levels.

Who Gives the Best Installment Loans?

The best installment loans come from lenders that serve Maryland borrowers rather than be an opportunity for predatory lenders. Below are some features of the best installment loan providers:
Online application process - Online lenders make it more convenient for people to apply for loans.
Soft credit inquiry - This means the inquiry won't temporarily lower your credit score.
No minimum credit score - Some online direct lenders offer no credit checks. Even if your lender does do a credit check, some still approve borrowers with bad credit.
Competitive interest rates - Installment loan lenders are required by state law to be transparent about their loan terms, helping you compare interest rates.
Quick application process and funds release - The best installment loans can give you fast cash, sometimes approving and releasing the money within one business day.

Where to Find Installment Loans?

You can get installment loans when you visit direct lenders in the state. You can also look for online lenders, which are more convenient.
Regardless of where you apply for a loan, always check the loan agreement thoroughly before signing it.

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